What good is a great product if no one sees it?

How to Win a
Product Line Review

A product line review (PLR), or “retail line review,” is a chance to use research-fueled insights to show retail buyers how much you know about your product category, the end-user and driving sales at retail.

Most importantly, it’s your chance to get your product line on their shelves. But you’re not just selling a product line. You’re selling your brand, articulating consumer behavior and the competitive landscape, as well as presenting well-executed planograms built on strategic data.

We Win PLRs Using
Our 4-Part Process

Come prepared or
don’t come at all.

A PLR is much more than selling to another distributor. Retailers expect you to have a firm understanding of your product category, the market and have an executable planogram designed using data. Most importantly, you need to craft a compelling story to impress retailers and rise above the crowd.

Sound overwhelming? That’s where we come in. Our PLR process helps you from start to finish.

Let’s put your product into consumers’ hands.

Our PLR Process

Did you know that 3 out of 4 retail marketing programs never even make it to a product line review? We want to make sure that once you have the meeting, you can take full advantage of it.

Preparing for a PLR can be daunting, but we work with you side-by-side, each step of the way, as your personal PLR team.

Ready to start winning?

PLR Pre-work

Before your PLR begins, we assess the big picture and begin developing hypotheses as a team. We’ll work with you to determine the meeting type and location, so you’re prepared to delight your audience.

To understand your landscape and the challenge ahead we’ll coordinate and conduct the following:

  • Competitive review
  • Gap analysis
  • Category drivers
  • Merchant Research
  • Team Store Walks 

Our team alongside yours

  • Category Product Testing

We need to test out your product
AND your competitions


Once we know the landscape, we’ll deliver best-in-class consumer insights. Our 4 Part Process will drive a category understanding that focuses on the consumers’ needs and makes you impossible to ignore.

At this stage, we’ll coordinate and conduct the following:
  • Store Walks

More of them. We want to understand your competition and your audience’s competition which means all the boxes and likely the farm channel, plumbing supply, etc as well

  • Consumer Segmentation
  • POS Analysis
  • Market Sizing
  • Consumer Insight Research
  • Ethnographies
  • Product Testing with the Pros
  • Competetive Landscape Assessment

Meeting Design

Buyers and purchasing people are people, too! This is where the rubber meets the road. Using the research compiled in the earlier stages of the process, we develop a story that the retailers can’t ignore.

At this stage, we’ll help with the following:

  • SKU Rationalization
  • Planogram Rationalization
  • Item Data Management
  • Presentation Design & Strategy 
  • Building your brand’s story
  • Establishing your position as the authority and expert in the category

Need help to win?

The Meeting

When the big day arrives, you’re already set up for success. Plus, we help at every single step during the review itself, from planogram and packaging design, to printing necessary documents and presenting your work.

At this stage, expect us to help with the following:

  • Set Up your planogram
  • Set up SKUs
  • Create packaging mock-ups
    for full set 
  • Print any necessary documents and presentation materials
  • Present

We will help you tell the story in the most compelling way imaginable

  • Run Presentation

Leave the technical stuff to us

  • Notate and document feedback stage

After the Show

Congrats, you just completed the hard part. All the follow-up, logistics and coordination – our team is on top of it. We’ll need your participation, but we won’t let you miss a beat.

After the review, we’ll handle the following:

  • Meeting Follow-Up

We’ll help you stay in close contact with the merchant

  • Supplier on-boarding
  • SKU on-boarding
  • Merchandising Service Coordination 
  • Rollout planning

We’ve got your back.

Learn more about our virtual PLRs, how to stay competitive, and how we can help you go the (social) distance to win them.

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